Juices saves

The Village Voice has a funny essay about the author’s tour through different levels of vegetarianism.

My own private Idaho potato went like this: When I was a teenager a renowned South African acupuncturist moved in next door to my parents. He and his wife (who pronounces _lime_ like _lamb_, thus leading to the infamous pie recipe debacle) are still the hippest couple my parents know and single-handedly responsible for introducing them to Whole Foods and the Fugees. One day I told the acupuncturist I wanted to be a vegetarian. I wish I could remember why I wanted to stop eating meat, but this was high school and I also wish I could remember my motivation for drinking Zima and wearing flannel in public.

Albums to Listen to While Reading Overwrought Pitchfork Reviews

David Cross of *Arrested Development* does ten fake Pitchfork reviews.

Daring to delve into his worn out bag of used tricks, Dr. Snagglepuss turns to his old SugarSnaps partner, TreacherousFace ZombieHead, and spits out beats that sound like two dying frogs farting in your face. If that’s your idea of an aural good time then you’re probably the kind of person that likes early Faust meets pre-post-op Neutron Bitch also meets Blunder (with a nod to Iceland’s Achilles Healed) but then a fight breaks out and DNA Groove comes over and separates everybody and quickly escorts Neutron Bitch out through the service entrance where they make love on a pile of day old lettuce (like in the movies). Either way, T.A.D.G. do themselves a disservice by trying to milk some more milk from an aids infested cow called “their old music”. All in all it’s a big disappointment, but then again if you like aids milk then I guess this is for you.

B-school hacking

Philip Greenspun explains why it’s idiotic for Harvard and MIT to reject business school applicants who “hacked” the web-based application system to check their acceptance status. If Harvard should be punishing anyone it’s the vendor for selling insecure software or Harvard themselves for not doing their due diligence.

What’s In Your Gadget Bag, Dave Barry?

Gizmodo gets Dave Barry for its What’s in Your Gadget Bag feature.

In accordance with federal law, I also have an iPod. It has 15G of memory, which is at least 14G more than I actually need, since I realize in my old age that I really only like something like nine songs. I have Bose noise-canceling headphones, which are wonderful on planes. The plane could make an emergency landing in the ocean, and those of us with Bose noise-canceling headphones wouldn’t notice until squid swam past our seats.

Oh, what incredible irony

I’ve been reading Home Comforts and the author recommends some books on storage and organization. One of them was out of print but I found a used copy from an Amazon zShop and ordered it. Today I got this hilarious refund notice:

Item: Refund for Storage Made Easy: Great Ideas for Organizing Every Room
in Your Home
Refund: [$4.63]
Reason for refund: Other
Memo from seller: Sorry. I simply cannot find the book you ordered?

Well, I guess he either didn’t read the book or it didn’t work very well!