Anime Boston

Marina and I went to Anime Boston this weekend and had a great time. Highlights for me were the Anime Music Videos, the MC Frontalot, Luv & Response, and Pillows concerts and all of the fantastic costumes. One staffer told us that they were expecting 16,000 attendees. I don’t know if they hit that number but there sure were a hell of a lot of people there. I’ll post some pictures later, there are already a ton on Flickr.

A New Sith, or Revenge of the Hope

A funny take on the original Star Wars movies that posits that R2 and Chewbacca are top Rebellion operatives manipulating everything behind the scenes.

20 years earlier, Chewbacca was second in command of the defence of his planet. He’s there in the tactical conferences and there on the front lines and is a personal friend of Yoda’s. When he needed reliable people to join the embryonic Alliance, who else would Yoda turn to but his old friend from Kashykk[sic]? Given his background, there is no way that Chewie would spend the crucial years of the rebellion as the second-in-command to (sorry Han) a low-level smuggler. Unless it’s his cover. In fact, Chewie is a top-line spy and flies what is in many ways the Rebellion’s best ship.

Alive In Joburg

Alive In Joburg is a really well-done 6 minute sci-fi “documentary” about aliens living in apartheid South Africa. [via [Boing Boing](]

TMBG Venue Songs

I can’t remember how long it’s been since I bought an actual physical CD so kudos to They Might Be Giants for coming up with some plastic discs I’m still willing to pay for. TMBG’s *Venue Songs* CD and DVD combo is available for pre-order at only $15.

Sun’s Open DRM

Sun has launched an effort to create an open DRM standard and open sourced one of it’s DRM projects. I must be missing something but I don’t understand how an open source DRM system would protect content. If it’s open source, I can just modify the decoder to write out the unencrypted version of the file. If that’s the case, I’m all for open source DRM since it would functionally mean no DRM at all.

**Update:** [Cory Doctorow]( has the same question as me about open source DRM and he’s read all the Sun docs and talked to the project leaders.