Rhapsody MP3 Store

Rhapsody has launched a DRM-free MP3 store. This is a big improvement. Previously, their MP3s were locked in a ghetto in the Windows desktop software. Prices seem to be $1 per album higher than Amazon, even for Rhapsody subscribers.

Amazon MP3 Downloader for Linux

Amazon MP3 now has a Linux version of their album downloader. It’s annoying (and puzzling) that music stores force you to use these proprietary downloaders instead of just pushing you the files in a zip or something, but at least they are supporting a lot of platforms.

Yahoo! Music Unlimited No More

Yahoo! is planning to shut down its Yahoo! Music Unlimited service and redirect it’s users to Rhapsody. It’s sad to see less competition in the streaming music space, I think competition from Yahoo! drove some of the recent improvements to Rhapsody’s player software.