Ira Glass

“There was a day when I was in fifth grade when I was walking down the
street with Sam Witten, who was the guy a little bit older who lived around the
corner who I admired, who seemed more worldly. And I was trying to explain to
him this problem I was having in thinking about how to talk to other people.
And the problem was that… I was very aware that in different kinds of groups
of people, I could talk to them in this way where they would open up to me and
they would like me, but the person I was presenting them with was a very
partial version of my self… And I couldn’t figure out, I kept turning it
over and over in my head. Which was the real self? The one I was presenting to
him? Or the one I was presenting to the tougher kids? Or the one I was
presenting to my parents?”
Feed interviews Ira Glass. Glass is host and co-producer of This American Life, one of my favorite radio shows.