Earth Day 2000: "Despite a

Earth Day 2000: "Despite a two-story high inflatable SUV with the license plate DRTY GZLR (Dirty Guzzler) and an attached banner stating,
'STOP GLOBAL WARMING – CLEAN THE AIR', many of the program's participants did not heed these calls to 'use less.'
Earth Day Chair Leonardo DiCaprio arrived in a stretch limousine with his entourage, while Vice President Al Gore, who once
again called for an end to the internal combustion engine, boarded his oversized dark green Chevy Suburban, upon exiting with a
fleet of SUVs."

Hee, hee. Actually this isn't as bad as it sounds. If you're transporting a bunch of people it's better to do it in a Suburban or a Limo than five Civics.