The Mystery of SWG

Timothy Burke, author of the "Sevent Deadly Sins of SWG" posts on the Star Wars: Galaxies forums, has this final scathing critique of the game.

Star Wars: Galaxies curdles faster than any other MMOG in my experience, and I do not think that is because I’m jaded and cynical about the genre, unlike a lot of the players. I still believe that MMOGs have enormous potential to be fun and engaging, and I believe they remain the best place to realize the more profound artistic, cultural and social possibilities of computer games as a whole.

The major research question posed to me by Star Wars: Galaxies is no longer about virtual economies, emergent systems, or anything similar. The question is how a massively-multiplayer game that has the rights to the single most popular licensed property of the late 20th Century, the backing of a company with deep pockets, and a dream team of developers can end up being in the absolute best estimation no better than any other game of its kind, and by many accounts, including my own, among the worst.

I can't refute any of Burke's criticisms but I'm still inexplicably addicted to the game and having a good time when I play. I think it helps being in a cool PA. With this article and a highly negative follow-up review at GameSpy, SWG has been getting a lot of bad press lately. It's sad to see so much potential go untapped but I'm still optimistic that the dev team will get its act together and respond to these critiques in a meaningful way.