Howard Dean rings in on Ralph Nader’s candidacy…

Howard Dean rings in on Ralph Nader’s candidacy on Blog for America. I watched Nader on Meet the Press and I agree with him on a couple of thing. Nader is correct that the “liberal intelligentsia”, as he calls them, that oppose his campaign agree with him on many issues and that Americans should be able to vote for the candidate with whom they agree. Unfortunately, he is also correct that voters are hostages of a two-party, winner-take-all Electoral College system. I’m glad Nader supports organizations like the Center for Voting and Democracy that are trying to change the system but until we have something like Instant Runoff Voting, votes for Nader really are votes for Bush. With that, I’m joining Calpundit’s Ignore Nader campaign.

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  1. Just something to think about… let’s assume Kerry wins (which I will admit it would be nice to be Bush-less), that means that the Democratic Party is stuck with him until 2012. Having listened to him on several occasions, I’m still not sure what his position is on anything. He’s very good at dodging the questions. Is this the best the Democrats have to offer? Well, at least Edwards gives us a choice for now. Too bad people are afraid of candidates who might actually have a personality and aren’t afraid to show a little emotion… of course that’s much easier when you haven’t just gotten your bo-tox injections.

    I guess though in the long run that I’ll still vote for Kodos. Then again I do live in Massachusetts, and as someone once told me it doesn’t matter who I vote for, the Democrat will still win the state.

  2. Kerry suffers from Senator’s Disease, after 19 years in the Senate he’s forgotten how to speak like a human being, but he’s getting better. I actually think he’s saying most of the right things.

    Also, remember that are other, possibly more important, things you can do to support a candidate, like giving money. And I don’t think I need to mention how high the stakes are 😉

  3. It’s interesting to ponder whether Nader would be running if we had IRV or Approval Voting ( which is similar. Although fringe candidates could get a little more votes, there’s no chance that they could sway the election. So they probably wouldn’t get so much publicity like what Nader has been getting.

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