Microsoft’s trust problem

Microsoft exec calls for calm on OSS site

But instead of playing the "hate Microsoft for being Microsoft" game, Parris cited a real-world example for his mistrust: In the late 1990s Microsoft threatened to pull Windows from the Republic of Korea if it was found guilty of antitrust allegations presented against it at the time. "Even when I call Microsoft an 'economic terrorist' [in a recent column] I don't hate Microsoft. But I do hate its unethical conduct," he said.

That was a while ago, but open source devotees have long memories. And even with Hilf presented as a friendly face for open source, Parris said he believed it was all for naught because of the executives positioned above him in the Microsoft pecking order.

"It's a top-down problem, and if that doesn't change, then anything else they do is just shooting in the wind," he said. "Bill Hilf could be a great person with a sincere love for OSS and Linux, but the people he works for conduct themselves in an unethical manner."